Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Overview of Copic Markers

Copic Markers -- A Papercrafter's Dream!

What are Copic markers? Copic markers are a magnificent, alcohol-based marker used in many art forms. They were first designed over 25 years ago as a marker for Japanese artists who were into anime drawing. One of the best features of these markers are that they are green (environmentally friendly) -- you never throw away a spent marker, simply refill it!

Copic markers are blendable and have the ability to be used with an airbrush system to have them perform like an airbrush. By them being alcohol-based rather than water-based, you have the freedom to layer and blend color upon color without ruining the surface of your paper. They won't pill the paper like a water-based marker would. Also because of their alcohol base, they can be used on other surfaces (fabric, metal, glass, leather, word, plastic, etc.) as well -- they are waterproof and will not wash away. One concern that some have about these markers are their acid free properties. Because the dye is suspended in alcohol, as soon as the alcohol evaporates -- and this happens rapidly -- they become acid free. No worries here...

As long as the markers have their caps securely closed, they will not dry out. The manufacturers of these markers has guaranteed this for 3 years. The markers can be stored either horizontally or vertically without risk of damage or leaking. This makes them work well with your marker organization style because you can choose which way works best for you when storing them.

If you will be using your Copic markers with other media, it is always safest to use your Copic markers first and then layer the other media -- i.e., colored pencils or watercolors -- over the marker. This is to help ensure that you do not ruin your Copic marker with the other media. If you use the other media first, it is possible that their whatever makes it up can leach from the paper to the Copic marker tip. Once on the tip, it will continue leaching its way into the marker and contaminating the entire contents. Always use your Copics first.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Copic Basics, where we will take a look at safety tips and caring for your markers. We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of what Copic markers are.

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