Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SU! Circle Scissor Plus Tool

If you're like me, you need circles in your projects of varying different sizes. One day while in the LSS, I went on a mad hunt for different sized circle punches. I was always needing one circle for a project and it would be just the size I didn't have in a punch. That meant pulling out the Cricut, loading up the mat, finding George and Basic Shapes cartridge, finding the circle on the cartridge, sizing it and cutting it. That's an awful lot of steps when you just need one circle...

I also realized that I had so many circle punches in my cart it was ridiculous! From the 1/2 inch circle up to a 3.5 inch circle that's what I had in my shopping cart. Needless to say, when I did my cart tally before heading to the register, I realized I was spending too much money in punches. Besides, where the heck was I going to neatly and accessibly store all of those punches??? Then I remember about the Circle Scissor Plus from SU! Promptly putting the punches back and checking out, I headed home to order my new tool from SU!

Stampin' Up! Circle Scissor Plus

The Circle Scissor Plus cuts circles from 1 inch up to 6 inches and every increment in between. This nifty little tool is quick and easy. It comes with a cutting blade as well as a drawing blade -- you can also draw circles (without cutting them out)! This will come in really handy when I want to draw attention to something in my design or on a picture. I can use this tool to draw a neat and even circle around the item! And it's quick and easy too -- just place your paper on the cutting mat, select the proper size using the dial, place the cutting base over the paper, insert the cutting blade and turn. No sticking paper to mats, loading/unloading, searching through carts for the right circle, or waiting while the machine cuts. You're done cutting in less than 10 seconds!

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal. I will be creating a circle journal in the near future and the Circle Scissor Plus is going to make that project infinitely easier! Just remember, for the smoothest cut it's best to use this tool with a glass mat. I use the SU! Glass Mat (112531), which made the cutting smooth and easy. The glass mat provides a 13 x 13 surface area for cutting. Attempting to use the Circle Scissor Plus on a self-healing mat may yield uneven or jagged cutting results. This little tool will certainly be well used!

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