Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Using Glossy Accents

There are a few products out there in the market very similar to Ranger's Glossy Accents eg Judikins Diamond Glaze and Stampin' Up!'s Crystal Effects. They all have similar applications and every crafter will have a preference. It is a clear, three-dimensional gloss medium that can be used on a number of different materials. It can be used to accent, brighten, dimensionalize and magnify distinct areas. It's acid free, non-toxic and dries to a hard, clear finish. This makes it ideal for all crafts.

Glossy Accents is best used on small areas on paper and card or the moisture in it will cause warping. Also it can cause some inks to bleed, so care should be taken. Do a test when trying it on a new colouring medium -- I know it makes my printer ink bleed, even after heatsetting. You don't want to spend time colouring in an image and then ruin it with some over zealous application of the glossy accents! 

It can also be used as a glue in small areas. This is ideal for attaching a small pic to those clear acrylic fragments that TH supplies or gems to artwork. Try mixing in glitter and using to give even more sparkle with no fear of glitter shedding when rubbed. Or add alcohol ink to change the colour slightly and emphasize those areas even more.

Ranger also make a Crackle Accents. Very similar to the Glossy Accents in appearance but a bit thicker. This, when dried, gives a great crackle effect that can also be high-lighted after thoroughly dry with ink rubbed into the cracks. Also in this family by Ranger is the Matte Accents. This, as the name suggests, gives a clear matte instead of glossy finish giving a subtle, dry embossed look to the artwork. And there is also Sepia Accents, which as the name suggests gives a sepia-tone dimensional finish, and Enamel Accents which is an opaque dimensional accent that gives the look of enamel when dried.

Each product has it's own niche, and depending on the type of artwork being crafted, one or more of these mediums are strong contenders for the "Craft Room Essentials" list.

Written and Submitted by Helen Angel-Cullum (aka Croms)

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